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Company Profile

In response to the construction industry’s clamor for solutions to specialized waterproofing, roofing and flooring requirements, ENERGIE TECHNIK INDUSTRIAL SALES was founded in January 1986. All throughout these developmental years, while other small companies have given way to the pressures of modern-day technologies, Energie Technik found its niche in the market and was eventually transformed into ENERGIE TECHNIK CORPORATION (ETC) in June 1995. It has subsequently become a by-word in general construction works, particularly in the fields of industrial roofing, floorings, pavements and the application of industrial epoxies, waterproofing and other related materials, including specialty products for high performance concrete.


  • We have the capability and workforce to serve our clients no matter where they are located and continuity of service is guaranteed.
  • We offer a complete range of highly competitive, cost-effective and dependable services that will meet your needs.
  • We are responsive to the immediate requirements of our customers and our goal is to help them solve their immediate concerns and to gain higher levels of facility performance.
  • We are proud of our commitment to maintain high standards for technical excellence and dedication to serve the specific needs of our clients with utmost professionalism.